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Men Recover Quicker From Being Widowed Versus Losing A Job

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What would hurt more? Losing your job or losing your significant other?
According to the University of East Anglia and the United Kingdom’s What Works Center for Wellbeing – it takes us far longer to get over a losing a job than a spouse.  Not the answer you were looking for?
After reviewing 4,000 research papers on the topic, Tricia Curmi from the Wellbeing Center states that people bounce back faster from a loss (more...)

Brad Pitt Cleans Up His Act After His Divorce

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It’s never too late to change, but for Brad Pitt it came after his wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.
For the first time since the Brangelina divorce, Brad Pitt opened up to GQ Magazine about life after divorce and why he’s now sober. He’s honest about his issue that led to the turmoil that involved Child Services.  “I was boozing too much. It just become a problem, he told (more...)

Mother’s Day: Celebrity Moms-To-Be

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There’s something in the water in Hollywood with a ton of celebrities expecting little bundle of joys. Since Mother’s Day is coming up, we’re celebrating with a gallery of soon-to-be moms.

Tennis champ Serena Williams
Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster
Ciara and Russell Wilson
George Clooney and Amal Clooney
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Tony and Candice Crawford Romo
Lauren Conrad
Asia Lee and Kel Mitchell
Hannah Simone
Christian Serratos


Senior Takes Herself To Prom With Something Better

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Senior high school student Priscilla Samey didn’t get asked to the senior prom, so she took someone better.
The lack of a prom date didn’t stop Samey from attending her high school prom. She wrote on her Twitter page, “Couldn’t find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did. #Harvard2021 #prom2k17. Harvard wasn’t the only college who came calling. She was accepted to 7 (more...)

How To Avoid Losing Everything In A Divorce

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The one universal complaint that many couples who divorce report is that they lost everything during the process. Unfortunately this is nothing new. With aggressive lawyers on both sides, in most cases neither partner ends up a winner. There are very few divorces that end amicably. Typically, each year the divorce season spikes in January […]

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Ways To Reconcile With Your Spouse And Avoid A Divorce

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Marriages can sometimes be “made in heaven” but for some individuals far from living in paradise their life becomes a living hell. Just because a document says that a man and wife is married does not mean that they will be together for the rest of their lives. A separation or divorce can take place any time and no document can give a guarantee that such a thing will never take place. However, many couples decide to (more...)

How Grandparents Can Help During A Divorce

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Grandparents often remain in the dark about their children’s divorce because they are not informed about each and every event of the divorce. There might be many reasons as to why children shy away from involving their parents in the divorce but it is mostly due to emotional trauma. They also feel that their grandparents will of little help. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite actually. Grandparents play an important role during divorce and (more...)

Psychological Stages During And After A Divorce

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Psychological stress during a divorce is common and most individuals who go through a divorce experience it. Often, those who experience psychological stress were not prepared for what was in store for them. The unpreparedness catches them off guard and the consequences are much worse than they are supposed to be. There are different stages of psychological stress during and after a divorce and individuals who are going through one should be wary of them.
Stage 1: Blame
No (more...)

Tips To Deal With Worries During Your Divorce

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During a divorce process, there are many emotions that take place in the minds of the affected spouses. One of the major ones among them is worrying. Though worrying is not necessarily bad, how one deal with it can be a major concern? It can even become paralyzing, preventing people from getting the required work done. It can even go to the extent of draining one’s energies completely while the divorce proceeding is going on.
Here are (more...)

Taking Steps Towards A New Life After Divorce

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A divorce can actually be a life-shattering experience for many people. But you just cannot be down and remain submerged in your agony. Check out the following steps to revive and lead a new life once the divorce proceedings are over.
You should realize that there is no need to go through this pain all alone
It can be quite a scary position to reach out for help and can be somewhat uncomfortable, moreover sharing your darkest and most-guarded (more...)