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Does Adultery Have An Impact On A California Divorce Case Today?

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Are you wondering whether cheating can have an impact on your divorce case or not? If that is the case, here is all that you should know about adultery.  A marriage can end when one of the spouses discovers that the other is having an adulterous relationship. But what importance does an extra-marital relationship has on the continuity of a marriage or in a divorce? The answer to this question may vary from country to country and from (more...)

Behaviors That May Increase Divorce Expenses

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While you are negotiating your divorce settlement, it is imperative for you to make certain rational decisions on the basis of sheer logic rather than your emotions. In case the couples cannot be flexible or logical, it may take several years for the courts to grant them a divorce decree. The delay happens mainly due to the reason that these couples’ negative emotions dictate their behaviors. Hence, the divorce related expenses also go up. It is important to (more...)

Issues When Dealing With Commingled Funds In A Divorce

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Prior to getting married, the property owned by you is regarded by the court as your “separate property”. This dignified that such a property is owned only by you and not by your spouse. For example, if you have $15,000 in your bank account and own a property while getting married, you are bringing your separate property in the marriage. Such a property remains your separate property if it is not “commingled” with your (more...)

How to Make Co-Parenting a Great Success

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Co-parenting is particularly important to do for all those parents, including those who have had high-conflict divorces. The idea is to mainly concentrate on bringing up their kids without engaging in stressful communication with one another after the divorce.
Here are some easy tips to ensure that co-parenting is a great success.
Use an organizer
You can use a parenting notebook or an organizer website to communicate effectively. Note down all the relevant and vital communications pertinent to the (more...)

Health Insurance Considerations In Your Divorce

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You need to consider several important points while your divorce proceeding is going on. Health insurance should definitely be high on your priority list. It is important to give proper health coverage particularly when you have kids from the marriage.
Obtain affordable health insurance coverage before your divorce is final
Contrary to what you may be feeling about divorce, it does change a lot of things in your life. However, one thing that will not change is that both (more...)

How To Deal With Your Kids Being Away On Vacation with Your Ex-Spouse

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When you plan for vacations after your separation or divorce, it should be done with a great deal of caution. It is better to stay away from situations that may trigger conflict pretension right in front of your kids.
Here are some comforting and cool tips to explore co-parenting while a vacation is on to ensure that your kids are adequately buffered from the harsh realities of life.
You can collaborate with the other parent so that logistics can (more...)

Tips for Splitting Marital Property During a Divorce

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Before understanding how your marital pretty should be split during a divorce, it is important to recognize what a marital property means. Any property owned by you or your spouse during the course of your marriage is counted as a marital property. The properties you owned prior to getting married or any property that you inherit while being married is not considered as your marital property. Some spouses are under the impression that they can escape the process of (more...)

Divorce New York Style

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“My behavior crushed the aspirations of my wife and ruined our marriage,” said Anthony Weiner as he left a Manhattan courtroom recently. The ex-Democratic congressman from New York whose lewd dialogues with a teen aged girl entangled him in an FBI investigation. Weiner asked the judge to save him from prison. Yeah. Ok. Slap Weiner […]

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Blaming Your Spouse for Ending the Marriage Can Be a Critical Mistake

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{1:43 minutes to read} When Hank and Wendy first came to me to help mediate their divorce, Wendy reported that it was Hank that wanted to end the marriage. He had moved out of the house they shared with their two children and had moved in with his girlfriend. During the mediation session, Wendy stated [...]

7 Things Your Mediator Wants You to Know, Part 2

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{2:42 minutes to read} In Part 1 of this article, we discussed 3 things that mediators want you to know before you call to make that first appointment. Here are 4 more things to think about when you are considering mediation. 4. You Don’t Need to Get Along to Mediate. It may take some time and [...]