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Dating Advice: Mixed Signals Means She’s Mixed Up

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Here is an email from a reader (in his late-twenties and recently divorced) seeking dating advice. He is seeing a woman who is 7 years older than he is. The two have known each other for awhile, and she reached out to him when she heard he was divorced.
After she had reached out to me, I asked if we could get together over a drink/dinner to simply catch up. We ended up meeting for dinner the (more...)

Your ADHD Child and Homework

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Minimising homework and study battles with your attention deficit disorder (ADD /ADHD) child & helping them succeed in homework is often about separating out the tasks into 20 minute chunks and reinforcing their positive behaviour with specific praise.
Below are some hints, tips and techniques to get you started.
Plan homework for a set time every day & be consistent. Pick a time that suits your child, not necessarily you! Perhaps your child is (more...)

HELP – It’s the Horrible Homework Hour!

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They’re home, they’re fed, the telly’s off and now it’s the Homework Horror Hour!
A recent survey carried out by the Government’s “Get On” Campaign reveals that 7 in 10 parents are wary of helping their children with their homework and are finding it increasingly difficult to understand and lend a hand in their children’s schoolwork.
Children live and learn in two worlds – home (more...)

Post-Divorce Mediation Part II: The Outcomes

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{4:00 minutes to read}  Paul and Naomi When Paul and Naomi divorced, Paul was working toward a Ph.D. Once completed, he was offered a prestigious position at a university two hours from his home. Paul and Naomi could not agree on how their parenting schedule should change.  (To read more, click here.) The Outcome: Paul [...]

The Insult

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How can words or minor interpersonal tensions lead to major trauma and in some cases national trauma?  As a conflict professional, I am constantly intrigued by the power of words, actions and inaction. An act or expression may or may not be intended to cause harm.  Even in a close-knit family, we sometimes do not realize the harm.  Once an initial event happens, how do we avoid escalating the harm? 
I saw a brilliant film (more...)

Loveless – What Happens When A Divorcing Couple Can’t Escape A Conflict Trap? A Mediator’s Review

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The Russian film Loveless, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, is an intense, provocative drama that can be viewed on many levels.    It is a comment on what happens when a marriage breaks down as well as a critique of modern Russian society.  I found that there were aspects of the story that also apply to our American society.  When the film begins, Boris and Zhenya are already going through a divorce.  Their twelve-year old (more...)

Best interest of the Children: A Renewed Take on the Brangelina Case Study: It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

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Divorce and custody disputes are often material for tabloid front pages. Celebrity splits never seem to fall out of favor in the media, even though there are alternative and appropriate dispute resolution methods designed to minimize the hostility. Headlines for years have centered on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – the once happy Hollywood couple nicknamed Brangelina by the media. The couple filed for divorce almost two years ago, yet updates on their relationship continue.. Just recently, reports came (more...)

What Do We Owe Each Other? Mediation Is A Self-Selecting Process.

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Couples that select mediation are often looking for 3 things: 1) fairness, 2) to make their own decisions, and 3) a more economical way to reach resolution of their marital and family situation. 
Fairness:  Even in a high-conflict situation, most couples are seeking fairness.  While it may be difficult to set aside historically challenging personal dynamics, it is possible in most cases because ultimately parties want to move on with their lives.  Determining whether an (more...)

Should ‘Fireman Sam’ become ‘Firefighter Sam’ ?

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I’m discussing Ann Millington, chief executive of Kent Fire & Rescue’s suggestion that the children’s TV character Fireman Sam should be renamed ‘Firefighter Sam’ on BBC Radio Kent
It strikes me as a good idea – what do you think?
I think all programming should be diversified, for the benefit of all children, whatever their gender.
When you ‘Pause to Ponder’ you’ll start to notice that gender (more...)


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