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Why “He Just Doesn’t Make Me Happy” Is An Unhealthy Thought

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Have you ever heard this saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Or, “It’s my job to make my husband happy?” Or, “He just doesn’t make me happy?” I so often hear people talking about being responsible for someone else’s happiness or holding someone responsible for their satisfaction in life. Think about the pressure of that statement, but also the lack of personal responsibility.

If someone else is responsible (more...)

Advice For: “We’re Getting Divorced Because My Husband No Longer Wants Children”

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When two people decide they want to get married, I think most discuss whether or not they are on the same page for many, many major life decisions. This includes whether or not to have kids and maybe even how many. But what happens when you get married, and your spouse decides later that he or she changed their mind? Your wife or husband no longer wants children. How devastating would this be??
The issue can become major, (more...)

The Difference Between Being Needy In A Relationship and Having Needs Is Huge

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Ever know someone who was needy in a relationship? Perhaps an ex? Or maybe you? Let’s talk about it.
I was talking with a client who has been in the dating scene since he got divorced several years ago, and has been really working on understanding what he needs in a relationship. He is finding that his needs get clearer once he is in a relationship, because it allows him to really look at what makes for (more...)

I fear I am about to lose touch with my grandchildren

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Try to take the emotion out of the situation, says Annalisa Barbieri, and always put the children firstI don’t know what to do about my grandchildren – I fear I am about to lose touch with them. My ex-daughter-in-law had an affair, and then moved away with her children and her now husband. My son moved house and job to be close to the children. He had good access through a court order, and the children were (more...)

What Do I Do If the Other Parent Accuses Me of Child Abuse in OK?

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If you are accused of child physical abuse or sexual abuse in Oklahoma, the first step is to read this article. Then, start interviewing child custody attorneys as soon as possible. Handling a case like this quickly and aggressively allows your child custody attorney to effectively defend you and accomplish a successful win on your behalf. 
Hire an Experienced Child Custody Attorney
Contacting a child support attorney right away will help you get ahead of the accusations and (more...)

How to become a coder (high paying and you can work from home)

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  Whether they go by the title coder, developer, software engineer, hacker, or programmer, those who can help create computer programs, apps, sites or systems are in hot demand — and you can earn a high salary writing code without a formal education. Bloomberg calls the software development job market “the highest demand market in…

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HavenLife Review: A policy change saved this mom $7,670

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After my oldest was born, her dad and I proudly made sure we ticked every prescribed financial item on the universal to-do list, including life insurance: Open a 529 college savings account — CHECK! Have six-months cash savings so I could scale back my business to part-time and stay home with her (since he made…

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Tick tock: It’s time to turn the clocks back to GMT time. Here are my tips to make the adjustment easier for your kids.

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I’m delighted to collaborate with this week sharing my top tips for adjusting your children’s schedule and sleep routines in time for the clocks going back.
Tick Tock: It’s Time To Turn The Clocks Back To GMT Time
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How to become a grant writer

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If you have a background in writing or journalism and researching companies and initiatives is your idea of fun, a career in grant writing could be for you. You may be able to work in this field part-time, on the side, without quitting other work you love, and many grant writers even work in a…

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Beth Kobliner: How to make your kid a money genius (even if you’re not!)

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 Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Beth Kobliner is a celebrity in my nerd world: One of the first journalists covering personal finances for the masses for 30 years, Kobliner wrote the New York Times bestseller, Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties that changed the way that…
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