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Putting Your Children First During Divorce.

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I’ve been recently working with a couple who are divorcing and we were looking at how to handle the new roles that both these parents now  face whilst going through the transition.
One area I discussed with them was accepting that their ex has a continued role to play in their child’s life which is not the same as being required still to like, or admire that person.
Children don’t need to (more...)

The top 10 signs that may mean you’re heading for divorce

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I’ve been catching up on ‘Coldfeet’ before the new season starts as I never watched it the first time it was on, and what strikes me watching and following the lives of these 3 couples is just how untidy life can be.
Relationships are never easy at the best of times. Despite all our best efforts, hopes, dreams and expectations, sometimes our ducks really don’t seem to line up the way we’(more...)

Marriage on the rocks? Call the ‘Divorce Experts

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We’ve been getting wonderful coverage around our new idea of creating a safe space to become empowered and nurtured during a time of great upheaval – namely a divorce, break up or bereavement.
The Suddenly Single Retreats
We’ve been in The Daily Telegraph and today we are in Femail in The Daily Mail
Here’s the Femail article
‘Four years ago I used to wake up at 3am, transfixed with fear, wondering where (more...)

10 New Attitudes for Re-creating Your Life This Year

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Just as no one can tell you how to feel
about a beautiful sunset, no one can tell you
how to live your life.
You are the artist…and must shape your experiences
with your own hand.
— Susan Staszewski
As you, the artist, shape your future, here are 10 attitudes that can help you create the perfect picture of your new financial life.
1. A Man is Not a Financial Plan®
We all entertain the fantasy (more...)

Desperately Looking To Meet Someone? This Article Is For YOU

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I work with and personally know so many people who are desperately looking to meet someone; to find their “soulmates”, and who feel a sense of emptiness and loneliness because they are not part of a couple.
Generally, finding love later in life can be difficult. As we age, we have to assume that each of us is “fully baked” when you meet.  Trying to mold and shape someone who has already lived a (more...)

Thirteen people apply online for divorce on Christmas Day

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More than 450 applications in England and Wales over holiday period, MoJ reveals

Thirteen people applied online to divorce their partners on Christmas Day, according to government figures.

During the period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, 455 applications were lodged in England and Wales, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said.

Related: Heterosexual divorce in England and Wales is at lowest level since 1973

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How do I talk to my father about his infidelity?

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It is easy to vilify the one who has been unfaithful, says Annalisa Barbieri, but they are often firing a distress flare on a relationship that’s already in troubleMy parents divorced when I was five. I still remember the night they sat me and my sisters down, and Dad told us that he and Mum didn’t love each other any more. I remember clinging on to his hand as he walked down the stairs on (more...)

Can I Move Out of Oklahoma to a New State with My Child Without the Other Parent’s Approval?

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Many times, after a divorce decree and child custody order, one or both parents wish to relocate out of state with their child. There are various reasons for this, such as moving to be closer to family now that the divorce is final, job opportunity that is necessary now that the parent only has one income source, or when a parent marries a new spouse and wants to relocate to their location. 
Your child custody attorney will explain (more...)

What Can I Do if My Spouse Refuses to Follow Temporary Court Orders in Our Divorce?

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When a divorce case is filed with the courts, a hearing for temporary orders takes place. Temporary orders ensure that one spouse does not suddenly stop paying bills or cease certain responsibilities that they have traditionally been in control of during the marriage. 
For example, imagine the utilities, phone bill, and car payments are in your spouse’s name. Once you file for divorce, temporary orders are given by the judge instructing your spouse to continue (more...)

Why Dads Matter in Divorce

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I recently attended an event  at The House of Commons called ‘Supporting families through separation’ & I’m also working with a very sad, distressed and rather defeated Dad going through a divorce and I have been supporting him by championing him, believing in him, and encouraging him to focus all his energy on not fighting the old, but on building the new. I simply ask the ‘(more...)