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When Tea for Two Becomes Tea for One

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It’s not all doom and gloom... here’s how to find the silver linings in divorce.

Mourn, baby, mourn

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Just as no two women are alike, there are multiple ways of handling the grieving process after a failed marriage.

Who Gets the House in Divorce and What Happens [Ultimate Guide]

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You’re getting a divorce andit’s time to figure out major questions like, What happens to the house in a divorce? Who gets the house in a divorce? Should I keep the house? Do I have to refinance after divorce? What is a divorce house buyout and how does it work?

Let’s explore these questions in more depth. 

How to file for divorce in NY?

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Whether you are divorcing in New York City, Albany, Upstate, Long Island or elsewhere, there are some laws in New York state that affect your divorce. Other laws apply nationally. Here is how to file for a divorce in New York, what you are entitled to, and what to expect: What you are entitled to…

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Downsize after divorce: Turn your breakup into a makeover

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Quick take: After a breakup or divorce, your life and finances are different, and you likely need to reconsider moving house. Many moms find that downsizing to a smaller, more affordable home that is also easy to maintain gives them the freedom and confidence they need to move forward with their new life. Plus: a…

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How to become a proofreader and work from home

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If you love reading but hate seeing errors in writing, then a career as a proofreader could be a great fit for you.  Proofreading is an incredibly flexible work-at-home job for moms because you can set your schedule around your kids’ activities.  But what do proofreaders really do and how do you get proofreader jobs…

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Disability insurance for the self-employed

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Quick answer: You need disability insurance more than life insurance, and for those who do not have disability coverage through an employer, including the self-employed, can find affordable disability insurance through reputable companies for an affordable price. Breeze disability insurance plans start at $9/ month, for people aged 18 to 60 years old, and with…

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Alimony – Not the Same as “All Your Money”

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The issue of spousal support has ended more than one well-meaning mediation and polarized its fair share of litigated divorces.  Everything is going great until someone says the word “alimony” and all of sudden, defenses go up, wallets go hiding and paychecks get “lost.”

“You never realize how short a month is until you pay alimony.”   ~ John BarrymoreWhat is alimony (or spousal support)?   How long (more...)

10 Things To Consider When Reducing Child Support

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Guest post by Carlos Martinez, Legal Solutions of New Mexico
Child support orders are based on your circumstances at the time the order is issued. As we all know, circumstances can change, and many people might want – or need – to reduce the amount of child support they are paying. While this is possible in some situations, you need to get the court’s permission. You should not simply start paying less without a modified order. The (more...)

Ready To Feel Better? Then Don’t Be Afraid To Tick People Off!

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This is the #1 thing you must do to stick up for yourself. 
Here’s the uncomfortable truth, friends.
In your journey to get confident and feel better about yourself, you cannot be afraid to step on toes. In other words…
Don’t be afraid to tick people off. 
Strong people will end up ticking people off. And that’s okay.
Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about being (more...)