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3 Really Bad Reasons For Staying In An Unhealthy Marriage

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 Here’s a synopsis of a reader considering either getting divorced or staying in an unhealthy marriage:
She 27 years old, and she and her husband have been together for about a decade. He’s a student and she has been working and supporting him financially almost the entire time. She said one problem with the marriage is that the only thing they do together is watch TV.
I’m starting to feel (more...)

Grieving A Divorce? No One Should Tell You How To Feel

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Editors note: I read this wonderful article by Lisa and thought it applied so well to those who might be grieving a divorce. I remember people saying things like, “You’re going to be fine,” “You should be glad it happened now while you’re still young and you can get remarried,” or “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. At least you’re not sick and dying.” I realize they were (more...)

Divorce, Islam and me: ‘I will for ever be the woman who left two husbands’

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When my arranged marriage ended, my parents decided to set me up again. But finding love isn’t that easy...I was 19 the first time marriage was mentioned. My mother told me about a young man whose family had expressed an interest in me, and then she promptly left the house. The realisation that I was of marriageable age was clearly as difficult for her as it was surprising to me. I was a geeky young woman (more...)

Empty Nest After Divorce

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With more and more divorces happening in midlife or late life, that frequently means that empty nest and divorce are happening at the same time more often, too. Midlife Divorce occurs when we are experiencing other big life losses: Our physical bodies are changing … menopause for women, lower testosterone for men. Our work

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Divorce Grief Stages & How To Deal

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When we are first going through the stages of divorce grief, we wonder how we will survive at all. It’s like trying to repair the damage of a tornado, a tsunami, a devastating wildfire and a level 5 hurricane all rolled into one. It’s a loss of so much … so much time …

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5 EASY Ways to Encourage Healthy Internet Use at Home – Balance not BAN.

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One of the most common questions I get asked regularly on my Sue Atkins Parenting Show podcast is:
‘ How do I get them off screens?’
Here are my simple 5 top tips.
No screens at least 1 hour before bedtime.
Have device-free dinners.
Browse the internet together.
Plan for fun non-screen activities.
Encourage children to switch off devices on their own.

No screens at least 1 hour before bedtime.
There’s a strong body of research (more...)

How to feng shui every room in your home (and make money at the same time)

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My ex and I separated more than 10 years ago, and while the initial purge of his stuff and our stuff and my stuff-that-reminded-me-of-him-in-a-bad-way happened years ago, I am still Marie Kondo-ing my two-bedroom co-op of my marriage. In fact, this week I posted on CraigsList a vintage Heywood-Wakefield dresser that we bought for our…

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If you really loved me I wouldn’t have to ask !

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Keeping the Glow with your Partner.
Do you want more attention, more respect, more help with the kids, more hugs, more romance, more surprises, more time together, more intimacy, and more fun? Someone to babysit, iron the shirts, help make the dinner sometimes or hang up the towels in the bathroom?
Then ask.
“But I shouldn’t have to ask” is the refrain I’ve heard many, many times on workshops and when I’(more...)

The Dance of Intimacy – Keeping The Glow With Your Partner

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This week will be all about Valentine’s Day and can be a time of great romance or great pain.
Many people put their children first and of course while this is necessary and honourable is it at the expense of your own relationship?
I remember a great friend of my Mum and Dad’s Nuala Gannon, telling me something that shocked me but has lived with me since I was 16.
She told me that in (more...)

These Ten Reasons Are Exactly Why You Need a Rainy-Day Fund

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You’ve probably heard that over half of Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings. That’s truly scary because life throws all sorts of financial curve balls at us all the time. If you ever, ever, ever, ever (ever, ever) want to be financially independent, step one is to build a rainy-day fund. This is your safety net Don’t even think of investing in stocks or bonds or mutual funds or your (more...)