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Consent Orders for Child Custody

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How to avoid court with an uncooperative ex

the field of family law has evolved over the years, mediation has emerged as a
quicker, less expensive, and more private alternative to the often contentious
and adversarial divorce litigation process. While North Carolina recognizes the
power of parties to enter into agreements about custody and forgo the turmoil
that litigation can put families through, the law enforces these agreements
only if and to the extent that they promote the (more...)

Taking Your Life Back after Divorce

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Find out why women experience greater loss during divorce and how to move your life forward.

4 Great Co-Parenting Apps that Improve Communication

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Divorces can be particularly tricky with all the intense emotions involved. For better or for worse, it is not wise to sink and stay at a level of negativity and high drama. Divorced parents should at least keep a civility towards each other because, at the very least, they still need to coordinate with one another well beyond the divorce, and for years to come .

Nationwide Life Insurance review

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Nationwide Life Insurance review This post was created in partnership with Nationwide. If you are a mom, life insurance is one of the fundamentals of financial planning — no matter your income, or whether you are the breadwinner or a stay-at-home or single parent. Even if you aren’t wealthy, imagine what your kids’ life would be…

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Mama Gena, on NYT bestseller PUSSY: A Reclamation

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  Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Earlier this year I interviewed an incredible woman, someone whose work has changed the way I feel about my body, sexuality, gender and life:  Regena Thomashauser, aka Mama Gena, who, through her in-person and online workshops called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and books…
The post (more...)

After Molly Russell What Are The A-B-C’s of Keeping Your Kids Safe Online?

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I was really distressed to read about the tragic suicide of Molly Russell: The ‘caring soul’ who died after exploring her depression on Instagram.
Suicide is now the leading cause of death for young people under 20 and levels of self-harm are rising among teenage girls in particular.
I was interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford recently about what can be done. There’s not a quick fix as it’s a complex problem.
But none (more...)

Money, mindset and beliefs you give your kids

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I am fascinated by success and why some people are successful entrepreneurs and others struggle all their lives.
 I have been working with a lot of people recently throughout the last year who are struggling to come to terms with the financial down turn throughout the world.
I work with small business people, woman entrepreneurs, schools, large corporations  and loads of parents who are successful despite the economic circumstances, and the media’s doom and gloom, (more...)

8 Parenting Mistakes to AVOID When Teaching Your Kids About MONEY.

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Is money a taboo topic in your family?
Are you struggling to talk about it with your children?
So, what’s putting YOU off?
Are you bad with money?
Do you buy stuff on impulse?
Are you bad at budgeting?
More than one in three parents struggle to talk about money with their children, a survey by financial services provider OneFamily has found.
And although nearly all (97%) agree it’s important their children learn personal finance (more...)

Dating After Divorce: Advice, Tips, and Why This Is An Exciting Time!

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            Dating after divorce is something many people dread (I definitely dreaded it 11 years ago.) In fact, a lot of couples decide to stay together (not get divorced) because neither wants to start dating again. I mean, isn’t that why you got married in the first place? Because you enjoyed monogamy and didn’t want to go on awkward, uncomfortable dates anymore? So, why would (more...)

In Life After Divorce, Don’t Play Small

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Does life after divorce and a lack of confidence have you playing small? 
by Shannon McGorry
“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela
That is one of my favorite quotes and I share it because it helps light the spark in me, and my hope is that it does the same for you.