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6 Tips To Staying Happy In Your Relationship

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Most of us have heard of the concept of looking at our relationship with our partner as a garden that we plant and tend. The concept being that as with a garden, we plant the seeds of our relationship with another, and watch as it blooms into something that brings beauty and joy into our lives. We need to tend to the relationship as we would a garden; nurturing it, “watering” it, paying attention to weeds, (problems) (more...)

To Caucus or Not To Caucus

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{3:00 minutes to read} In mediation, a caucus is a private meeting between one of the parties and the mediator. This is routinely done in commercial mediations, with the mediator shuttling back and forth between the two, or more, litigants who usually have lawyers with them in the sessions. However, in divorce mediation it is not [...]

Can A ‘Talking Stick’ Really Help to Resolve Impasse?

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Last week a ‘talking stick’ reportedly broke the stalemate over the government shutdown.  Just what is a talking stick and how can it be used as a means of working through impasse in a negotiation?
According to my research, American Indian (First Nation) tribes have used the talking stick for centuries as a way to have a fair hearing.   It has also been used in Africa by the Masai tribe.   The recent (more...)

Millennial Marriages: Prenups on the Rise

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Prenuptial agreements are on the rise for  Generation Y individuals, or “Millennials”, according to recent reports in the news. What is it about this group that is lending itself to an uptick in prenups?
The Millennial generation has many unique characteristics that may contribute to the want (or need) for a prenuptial agreement. Some of the most common reasons for a Millennial prenup are outlined below:
Career Aspirations:
The Millennial generation grew up believing that their (more...)

Parenting Software for Families in Los Angeles County

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Parenting Software for Families in Los Angeles County
Wed, 09/26/2018 - 13:41

United States

Parenting software can facilitate co-parenting communication and information sharing from within one neutral and secure space. Doing a quick internet search for 'parenting software' may leave you wondering what kind of service your being requested to use and how it can meet your needs.

In Los Angeles County, many divorced and separated families turn to OurFamilyWizard for their (more...)

Annulment vs Divorce

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Tips to help you understand the differences so you can choose the best process to end your marriage.

What is the Stepmother’s role?

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Dr. Jeannette Lofas talks about the Stepmother's most difficult role.

How to Trust Again When You’re Devastated

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Nobody likes being betrayed and losing trust. And when that betrayal comes from a spouse, which may be one of the reasons for your divorce, the results can make you feel terrible.
It’s a crappy weight to have on your shoulders. Similar to its other invasive cousins, anger,  guilt, and resentment, losing trust keeps you from getting your life back.
But like all the other feelings, you have the power to break free (more...)

Parallel Parenting: It Doesn’t Make You A Bad Parent

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While the emphasis of parenting after divorce is clearly on co-parenting, the fact is that parallel parenting doesn’t make you a bad parent.
Co-parenting is held as the gold standard, the target we’re all to aim for. It means working collaboratively with your ex on everything to do with your child, being jointly actively involved in their school, attending your child’s events together, having consistent rules between your two homes, sharing Holidays and (more...)

Four Personal Finance Basics Not Taught in School

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As our children go back to school, those going through a divorce have discovered that some things just are not taught in the K – 12. For instance, we were never taught the basics of personal finance in school. We had more years of high school and preparatory college math, which we may rarely need, than any financial literacy or education. Many of us have learned by trial and error.
During a divorce, we’re suddenly forced to (more...)