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Tips On How To Let People Know You Are Filing For Divorce

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It can be very painful to break the news of your divorce to your family and friends. However, you need to tell them at some point or the other. So faster you do the work, it is better for you. The toughest challenge for you will be sharing this news with your kids.
Share the news of your divorce with your family members
After you have informed your kids, you need to next confide with the remaining family members (more...)

Does Your Divorce Affect Your Vehicle Insurance?

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Any couple that files for their divorce has to also deal with the proper distribution of their marital assets. But, there is something that many people do not consider. They often overlook the impact of the divorce on their car insurance. Divorce can affect various aspects of the couples’ car insurance including changes in rates to buy a new insurance policy.
Relationship between premium and marital status
The premium for your car insurance policy is the amount that (more...)

How Is Legal Separation Different From A Divorce?

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Legal separation is the formal process of confirming an actual separation of the parties, as opposed to filing for divorce.  Parties that chose legal separation do so for religious reasons, do not believe in divorce, or have concerns about medical insurance coverage, among other reasons.  If the parties proceed all the way to a final judgment in a legal separation case, they can obtain the same orders that they would have in a divorce case.  The (more...)

Strange Prenups Can Form the Basis of Hollywood Marriages

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Being married in the glittering Hollywood is not the same thing as being married elsewhere. Apparently, celebrity spouses have more terms to agree with in the event of separation and divorce. Prenuptial agreements are a common phenomenon in Hollywood marriages, but they are not exactly romantic as they may seem. History shows that many Hollywood celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, and Angelina Jolie faced the most rancorous of divorces, but included prenuptial clauses in the agreement to (more...)

Why Permanent Alimony is Favored by Many People

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Although alimony, which is also referred to as spousal support, is regarded by some as a dirty word, there are still many people who favor it. But there are several states that have rewritten their divorce laws so that permanent alimony can be scrapped.
For several decades in the past, it was usual that after a man and a woman got married, the wife stayed at home and took care of the family to help promote the career of (more...)

Lawyer Or Mediator? Which One Should You Opt For During Divorce

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Divorces can be complicated matters and getting caught in the middle of legal problems is common. some people try avoiding divorce cases by going through a mediation first.  A divorce mediator helps couples either negotiate divorce settlements or resolve issues that leads to the dissolution of marriage.
However, divorce mediation is not appropriate in all situations.  For certain cases where domestic abuse or some kind of crime is involved, courts often start divorce proceedings without a mediation. (more...)

How To Create An Amicable Relationship With Your Ex After A Divorce

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It is no hidden fact that divorces happen because the relationship that was once pure and strong between two individuals becomes bad. And it’s also true that individuals who get divorced don’t like keeping in touch with their ex unless a child or business is involved. But it’s also true that some people maintain an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse. So how do they do it? Here are some ways how.
Embrace the (more...)

How Long Should Single Mothers Wait Before They Start Dating Again?

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Getting back on track after a divorce is no easy task. After going through emotional upheavals, restoring back the spark which you once had during your marriage or before it can take time. One of the things that must have crossed your mind after a divorce is “should I date again?”. Well you should if you feel like it but like everything else there is a proper time. But it really depends upon you.
As a single (more...)

Divorcing in New York — Take a Vacation

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Hollywood celebrities marry and divorce and re-marry with regularity. Many Tinsel Town couplings don’t last as long as the star’s last movie. The latest to untie the knot unhappily is a star New York housewife and her accused-of-stalking ex, Jason Hoppy. The news isn’t all gloom and doom. While it’s too late for this couple, […]

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The Dreaded New Significant Other, Part 1 – The Possibility

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Part I: The Possibility of a New Significant Other {3:00 minutes to read} Co-parenting can be challenging enough without adding a 3rd (or 4th) party to the mix! It’s not easy to see an ex with someone new, and a conversation about this possibility is sometimes very difficult. However, at some point, this is likely [...]