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Nikki Bella and John Cena Call It Quits Just Weeks Before Their Wedding

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Long time lovers Nikki Bella and John Cena have parted ways after six years together.
The couple got engaged back in April of 2017 while at Wrestlemania and were scheduled to wed on Cinco de Mayo.  Bella and Cena have been dating since 2012 and have definitely shaken up their fan bases with their splitting up.  It appears as though John was the instigator of the breakup which left Nikki completely heartbroken.  There are reports claiming (more...)

Justin Theroux Spotted With Young Model

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Justin Theroux, ex-husband of superstar Jennifer Aniston has been seen recently around New York City with a young model.
Theroux, 46, was seen getting coffee with 25-year-old model, Erika Cardenas, in New York City earlier in the week.  The two were seen out and about looking flirtatious as ever, sharing hugs and laughing together.  Although a source tells People Magazine, “There is no romantic relationship, just a friend from the gym.”  (more...)

Children and Divorce: 5 Keys To Help Your Kids Thrive

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Make smart parenting decisions after divorce.By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCNo one plans to get divorced. But more than one million children in the U.S. will experience its affects this year alone. Divorce has become relatively mainstream in our culture, but that doesn’t make it easier for the parents or children involved. Consequently, innocent kids are coping with the consequences every day.The good news is that divorce need not wound and scar your children if you (more...)

How To Tell Your Children About the Divorce: A Proven Approach That’s Sensitive and Sane!

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The best approach to breaking the divorce news to your children!By Rosalind Sedacca, DCD Few children outgrow the warm comfort of a bedtime tale. And like most kids, my son always enjoyed his baby pictures – watching himself grow and change. Divorce is certainly no fairytale, but I thought, ‘Maybe combing a story with our own family photos will help him grasp the biggest, most dramatic change of his life.’When I decided to end (more...)

Shared Parenting v. Equal Parenting: 5 Ways the New Laws Will Hurt Kids

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Guest Post by Karen CoveyChildren affected by Divorce The story is all too familiar. The kids stand on the front steps, consumed by sadness. They watch their father walk toward the car. Silent tears roll down their cheeks while their dad gets in the car and drives away. As soon as he’s out of view, he chokes up and pulls over. He doesn’t want to lose his kids. But shared parenting seems like an impossible (more...)

How Children of Divorce Are Affected By Parental Anger & Conflict

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Parents Fighting Around Kids After DivorceWhether you’re contemplating divorce, in the process, or transitioning after your own divorce, there’s one thing that’s crucial for all parents to keep in mind …Fighting around the children does more damage to them than divorce itself. That’s why as parents we need to be diligent in monitoring our children — as well as our own behavior — to safeguard our kids from emotional (more...)

Breaking the Divorce News To My Son Was Both Traumatic & Transformative!

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The best approach to breaking the divorce news to your children!By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCI’ve faced many difficult moments in my life. But preparing to tell my son that I will be divorcing his father was absolutely one of the worst.He was innocent — a sweet eleven year-old boy who loved both his parents dearly. He didn’t deserve this.I struggled with anxiety for weeks. When should we tell him? What should we say?(more...)

Not All Mediation Techniques Were Created Equal

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“Mediation?” asked Bobby as Molly, his wife of 21-years, cleared the table. “What exactly is ‘mediation‘? Molly silently shrugged. She wasn’t sure. She had heard the term tossed around at the Honda dealership where she worked. “Something about settling disagreements without going to court,” she said, almost to herself. Molly was partly right. Mediation is […]

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The Benefits of Continuing Therapy After Divorce

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Studies claim that several people are highly benefitted after attending post divorce counseling. In fact, many of them have even gone to the extent of admitting that such sessions were the best thing to happen to them after their divorce got finalized.
All those people who signed their divorce papers and want to resume their daily and routine activities should go through post divorce counseling. Such sessions are even more beneficial when there are kids in the marriage. After (more...)

Epstein Credits and How They Can Affect Your Divorce

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Epstein credits come up often in California divorce proceedings and as such it pays to know a bit about it. Spouses often learn about these from their lawyers and it is often a contested issue.
Epstein Credit
The term Epstein credit originated from the Marriage of Epstein case. This 1979 case is a published California case. The Epstein credits initially partially became a part of the California Family Code, section 2626. The code states, “The court has jurisdiction (more...)