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What does lasting romance look like for millennials?

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Perhaps it’s my age, but I think a lot about beginnings and rarely of endings. The divorce invitation came as a surpriseWith every year that passes, more wedding invitations arrive. Now, summers are filled in advance, dedicated to engagements, hens, weddings and, soon, baby showers.But this month I received a different invitation: “Please save the date to mark my divorce.” It was from a school friend. Hers was my first white-people wedding. It was (more...)

What Should I Bring With Me to the First Family Law Attorney Meeting in Tulsa?

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For many, the idea of your first family law attorney meeting in Tulsa can be overwhelming — and a little intimidating.
If you are going through a divorce or child custody action, you probably know very little of the procedures involved. In contrast, divorces and child custody cases are what your soon-to-be family law attorney works on every day and went to years of schooling to perfect.
However, your family law attorney is there to help you and be (more...)

Where to sell gold (and tips to make sure you get the most cash)

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If you are like many people, you have some gold sitting around. Maybe it is old jewelry that you no longer like, or perhaps it was a gift from someone you have negative (or complicated) feelings about. Perhaps you have some old gold coins you inherited, or even gold dental work sitting in the back…

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Tooth Brushing Tips For Kids That Just Won’t Brush!

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Is getting your kids to brush their teeth turning into a war of wills that’s driving you mad ?
I well remember saying to my daughter Molly that she’d end up with black teeth and no boyfriends when she refused to brush her teeth for the umpteenth time ! Ouch ….. !
We want clean teeth, clean hair and washed hands and to be honest kids just don’t get it but we do need to talk (more...)

Have a Net Worthy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Having a solid net worthy begins with Self-Love, and this holiday is a wonderful opportunity to put Self-Love into practice…something that women often forget to do.
A great place to start is with my favorite question: “What do I need right now?” This question is life-changing question for many reasons. First, because asking it – and following through – is a powerful expression of Self-Love. It is also the (more...)

Things You Might Not Know About the Day of Love

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Love it or hate it, chances are you have a thing or two to learn about Valentine’s Day, Here is some unexpected information about the holiday.
1. How Valentine’s Day began.
Valentine’s Day probably originated as a combination of two Roman happenings. The first was Lupercalia, an ancient Roman festival celebrated each February 15, when exuberant men stripped naked and spanked young maidens, hoping to increase their fertility. The second happening was the (more...)

The Importance Of Asking For What You Want In A Relationship

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A huge issue in a faltering romantic relationship is when one or both people stop communicating effectively. One aspect of this is when instead of coming out and asking for things they want, hold everything inside and then become angry and resentful toward the other person because they aren’t getting what they want/need. Asking for what you want in a relationship is the topic of this week’s Love Essentially, published in the Chicago Tribune (more...)

3 Really Bad Reasons For Staying In An Unhealthy Marriage

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 Here’s a synopsis of a reader considering either getting divorced or staying in an unhealthy marriage:
She 27 years old, and she and her husband have been together for about a decade. He’s a student and she has been working and supporting him financially almost the entire time. She said one problem with the marriage is that the only thing they do together is watch TV.
I’m starting to feel (more...)

Grieving A Divorce? No One Should Tell You How To Feel

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Editors note: I read this wonderful article by Lisa and thought it applied so well to those who might be grieving a divorce. I remember people saying things like, “You’re going to be fine,” “You should be glad it happened now while you’re still young and you can get remarried,” or “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. At least you’re not sick and dying.” I realize they were (more...)

Divorce, Islam and me: ‘I will for ever be the woman who left two husbands’

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When my arranged marriage ended, my parents decided to set me up again. But finding love isn’t that easy...I was 19 the first time marriage was mentioned. My mother told me about a young man whose family had expressed an interest in me, and then she promptly left the house. The realisation that I was of marriageable age was clearly as difficult for her as it was surprising to me. I was a geeky young woman (more...)