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How To Cope With Divorce-Related Panic Attacks

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Guest Post by Jackie Edwards
It can come out of nowhere. You could be swimming, walking the dog, or playing with your children when it hits you. You start to hyperventilate, experience chest pain and heart palpitations, a surge of overwhelming panic, shaking and trembling, trouble breathing, and a loss of control. You might even think it’s a heart attack. Instead, when you run to the doctor, you find out it is a panic attack brought on (more...)

Who Gets the Pet During a Divorce?

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Getting divorced is more complex than ever. In the past divorcing couples fought over who would keep the children and how the money would be split. Today, pets have also become involved in divorce disputes. A significant number of couples now have pets. Since most people are quite attached to their pets, this is leading […]

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Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation in California

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Divorce mediation is an attractive process for California couples that seek to resolve their disputes amicably without the need to have a public battle in court. However, there are still a lot of things that people do not know about divorce mediation and common misconceptions that exist about the topic.
Mediation is the best option
The whole point of an amicable settlement without the divorce going to court sounds attractive to most people, but divorce mediation is not always (more...)

Alaska Orders Divorce Judges To Consider Pets’ Welfare

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Alaska Orders Divorce Judges To Consider Pets’ Welfare

It was just a few days ago that I posted about the status of pets in divorce. I said that family law has a rigid view of pets as property and that people in divorce just need to get accustomed to that. Now comes word that Alaska is making a liar of me. As of …

Pets in Divorce

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Pets are considered personal property in divorce.  Some states will consider who will retain the pet as part of their overall division of personal property, but not to enforce a visitation schedule.
In the event that the court does entertain the determination of which spouse shall retain the pet (usually dogs) the following considerations are usually what is taken into account.
If the pet belonged to either spouse before the marriage, the case is much clearer that it (more...)

What Happens To The Family Pets In Divorce

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Children and money are not the only things people argue about in divorce. Pets, especially dogs, are often center stage and that means pet-owners should not make assumptions about what happens to the family pets in divorce.
Unfortunately for some people, this is not about the pet. They see the pet as a way for getting back at the STBX. For others, it truly is about two people who are both involved in the pet’s life and (more...)

What To Do About Hidden Assets In Divorce

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It is a common occurrence for warring spouses to hide assets when in the course of a contentious divorce. There are a number of ways a spouse may disguise or at least undervalue assets. One of the most common ways is to overlook or undervalue antiques, gun collections, hobby equipment, tools and artwork. Most of them come in the form of original paintings, collectible carpets or antique furnishings at the office of the spouse. There could also be unreported (more...)

6 Ways Pets Can Help Your Family Cope With Divorce!

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
Pets can be a helpful resource for you and your children when handling the challenges of divorce. If your family has one or more pets, let your children have access to them as much as they desire. There is a great emotional benefit to kids dung times of insecurity — and your children are fortunate that the pets they love can still be in their lives.
If you don’t already have a pet, (more...)

Downsizing Your Home

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Get renters insurance Read your lease carefully Check if pets are allowed Plan for storage of extra possessions Get rid of clutter Moving to an apartment Get renters insurance Check your lease carefully before signing Check to see if pets are allowed Understand what you can do to decorate your apartment Recognize that some noise […]

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