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Strange Prenups Can Form the Basis of Hollywood Marriages

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Being married in the glittering Hollywood is not the same thing as being married elsewhere. Apparently, celebrity spouses have more terms to agree with in the event of separation and divorce. Prenuptial agreements are a common phenomenon in Hollywood marriages, but they are not exactly romantic as they may seem. History shows that many Hollywood celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, and Angelina Jolie faced the most rancorous of divorces, but included prenuptial clauses in the agreement to (more...)

T.I. Harris and Tiny’s Divorce: $50 Million Up For Grabs

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T.I. Harris’ wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris has filed for divorce again, dashing hopes of a reconciliation. So how much is up for grabs?
Tiny first filed for divorce from the rapper a day after Christmas on December 26 after six years of marriage. The divorce seemed to be on hold with talks of a possible reconciliation. However, Thursday Tiny filed again, and T.I. filed his response which means it’s actually happening.

Prenups and Intellectual Property

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Regular readers know I believe prenuptial agreements are overused. Too often they make the injustice of divorce worse by rewarding a breadwinner spouse (usually the husband) and leaving the stay-at-home-and-care-for-the-children spouse (usually the wife) poorer than she would have been under normal principles of family law. Unfortunately, it appears this trend will be made worse …

7 Outrageous Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements

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Celebrities safeguard their wealth with prenuptial agreements, but their spouse is also guaranteed a certain dollar amount in case of a divorce. Here’s how a celebrity divorce would play out if Beyonce and Jay Z, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, George Clooney and Amal Clooney, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan’s marriage broke up. Dish Nation also discusses the prenuptial deal for couples that are no more – Britney Spears and (more...)

Division of Debts in The State of California During a Divorce

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What are community debts and separate debts?
In the state of California debts between a couple are divided into two types – community debts and separate debts. Community debts are those debts that are accumulated by both parties to the marriage during the marriage until the date of separation. These debts are to be equally divided between both the parties even if only one spouse was responsible for incurring these debts. Separate debts are those debts that were incurred (more...)

How to Protect Your Business in a Divorce

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Despite your efforts to devote several hours a day in building your empire, you might end up witnessing your enterprise crumbling down to pieces as an aftermath of a divorce. If you have an angry and resentful partner, the chances of losing out on your well-established business becomes even higher. However, if you are well aware of your rights and know how to get them enforced, you can ensure that your spouse does not end up taking a massive (more...)

Get Protected

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Labor Day is nearly upon us and that got me wondering about the history of this holiday. As you may be aware in the mid to late 1800’s many workers in our country labored under horrendous working conditions with little pay and little say about their deplorable, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions. Even children were forced to toil away in factories and mines at half the pay of adults. It wasn’t until the workers united and (more...)

Things to Know About Divorcing In Your Senior Years

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In recent years, the rate of divorces of people aged above 50 has doubled. Because of the age of people involved in a divorce, the separation is called ‘gray divorce’. Senior people heading for a divorce no longer raise eyebrows.
Here is some valuable information about late life or gray divorces:
Alimony or spousal support is always guaranteed when a long term marriage breaks up. Unlike younger divorcing couples, the lower earning spouse in a gray (more...)

The Divorce School Releases 11 New Free Videos and Podcasts

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The Divorce School has just released another 11 new videos and podcasts for separated and divorced people who are seeking tips and information to help them deal with their divorce-related issues. From Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to high-net-worth divorce, from property division to dating after divorce, from children's issues to how the divorce process works – you'll find the information you need at Divorce School.

Sessions are only available until June 30, so time's running out for you to (more...)

The Importance of Acquiring a Financial Order

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When it comes to divorce, the main misconception is that when a couple separates, their shared financial arrangements then come to an end. But this is not true. However, when a divorce is eventually finalized – also known as a Decree Absolute – there are no changes made to the financial arrangements. 
A recent case brought financial orders in divorce into the limelight, proving just how important a financial order in a divorce really is. As reported heavily (more...)