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Sometimes we often get into relationships quickly without taking time to get to know one another and appreciate just being friends. These results often stem from one persons desire or longing to be in a relationship. Here are a few things you should lookout for in the early stages of a relationship to avoid an unavoidable downfall.

One of the first red flags are pet names! If the person you are dating begins calling you pet names too early it can show a sign of neediness. This many not surface immediately, but rest assure the needy nature will develop if you allow.

If they begin to neglect and ignore all of their friends it can become unhealthy for your relationship and their friendship. Be sure to maintain all previous relationships to avoid unhealthy personal relationships down the road.

Be on the lookout for consistent posting, tagging and texting. Early social media shrines and dedications can be a turn off, and if it’s something you notice too soon then you should reevaluate your relationship with that particular individual.  If they are quickly upset by your lack of urgency in responding to texts and other messages, be careful, because this clingy nature can once again lead to a negative outcome down the road.

Overall, relationships are meant to be enjoyed and shared, but they also deserve a chance to blossom and manifest over time. Be sure to tread lightly and allow time to write your love story.


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