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Questions To Ask Yourself Prior To Filing For Divorce

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
There are several cases where the divorce process is not easy at all. Rather, it can turn messy on several occasions. Whatever may be the reason for you to file the divorce; you should make this decision independent of emotions. In fact, such a step should be only taken after weighing all the options before you. Moreover, you should be all set to fight for the custody of your kids and your assets. While (more...)

Struggling With Divorce Anger? Here’s What To Do

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When you are navigating or recovering from divorce, there is one all-too-common emotion that causes us way more headaches than you need: Anger.
Being ticked off.  The persistent rage that will not leave you but could jeopardize your future relationships.
To start off with, there is something that you must remember.
Anger is a thief. Don’t let it rob you of your chance to move on.
You work hard to maintain the things you love.  (more...)

Beating The Winter Blues While Going Through A Divorce

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Contribution from freelance writer Jackie Edwards
Winter is here, and while most people are trying to stay warm at this time, some individuals who are dealing with a divorce may find that the gloomy weather can have an impact on their mood and well-being. Going through a divorce is tough enough as it can affect your finances, your children, and other relationships. But perhaps the hardest thing about splitting up is coping with the loneliness and (more...)

Divorce – How to Avoid Destroying Your Kids!

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17 Jan, 2018

Resolutions, new beginnings, second chances, promises realized…. This is what many think of as the New Year begins.
Yet, January is also the beginning of “Divorce Season,” (which runs through, and peaks, in March) with the number of Google searches for “divorce” the highest in this first month of the year.  So, for some, the New Year will begin with divorce papers, emotional turmoil and unexpected change.
Whitney Houston sang: &(more...)

Quincy Jones Has 22 Girlfriends and They Know About Each Other

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Legendary music producer Quincy Jones is quite the ladies man with 22 girlfriends, and they’re all under the age of 42.
The 84-year-old media magnate told GQ Magazine he doesn’t hide his 22 relationships. He’s embracing singledom by dating as many women as he can. After three failed marriages, the 79 time Grammy-nominated artist doesn’t shy away from bragging about his women from all over the world in places like (more...)

Can Social Media Be A Reason for Divorce?

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
Facebook has changed the way we interact with people. We often get so involved in our gadgets that we have better relationships over social media and hamper relationships in reality. The increased use of social networking sites germinates interest in lives of people we know and find interesting, most commonly ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, classmates and friends. Spending increased time on social media websites also strains real-life relationships by keeping one distracted, leaving the significant other (more...)

539 U.S. 558

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No. 02-102.
Supreme Court of United States.
Argued March 26, 2003.
Decided June 26, 2003.

Responding to a reported weapons disturbance in a private residence, Houston police entered petitioner Lawrence’s apartment and saw him and another adult man, petitioner Garner, engaging in a private, consensual sexual act. Petitioners were arrested and convicted of deviate sexual intercourse in violation of a Texas statute forbidding two persons of the same sex to engage in (more...)

Nov 29, How to deal with a narcissist, and recover your self-esteem

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Category: Better Relationships | Author: Elly Prior | First published: 03-03-2015 | Modified: 01-12-2017

Living with a partner who has narcissistic traits is undoubtedly challenging. While you may love your partner very much (or not anymore!), their narcissistic tendencies can make it difficult for you to feel loved in return. 
So how can you recognise potential narcissism? Knowing that can at least help you to make sense of seemingly senseless behaviour. You need that for your own (more...)

Nov 28, The best professional, and personal, relationship advice

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Category: Better Relationships | Author: Elly Prior | First published: 09-05-2012 | Modified: 01-12-2017

You may be looking for quality relationship advice when you simply have some questions that you can’t quite answer by yourself.
Or, you may be at the point where it feels as though your relationship’s in real trouble. In which case, if you want to save it, you’re going to need the very best professional relationship advice for (more...)

Cohabitating Instead of Getting Married? Get an Agreement First! Part 2

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Cohabitating Instead of Getting Married? Get an Agreement First! Part 2 – Burns Mediation

If Your Marriage is Ending
We can Help You
Avoid a Costly Court Battle

Home/Finances & Divorce, Mediation & the Law, Relationships & Mediation/Cohabitating Instead of Getting Married? Get an Agreement First! Part 2

Cohabitating Instead of Getting Married? Get an Agreement First! Part 2

{3:18 minutes to read} In Part 1 of this series, I proposed that an unmarried couple enters (more...)