The Divorcing Woman’s Guide shows you what you need to do first and foremost, with lists, reminders and tips you need right at your fingertips.

The Divorcing Woman’s Guide includes:

7 Must-Do Divorce Steps

in detail, with everything you need to know and do to complete each step.

Complete Divorce Checklist

for organizing and tracking your progress through each step.

Divorce Notebook

for recording dates, conversations and other information you need to have at the ready for yourself and for your professional team (lawyers, financial planners, counselors, etc.)

Sanity Saver

support tips, action items, and journaling capability (PDF format only) to help you stay sane and moving forward.
The Divorcing Woman’s Guide with journal is in PDF format, making it easy for you to use right on your computer or tablet OR print it out and use with a pencil or pen!


“Thank you, Next Chapter, for filling a need in this area and at a price I can afford.  The Divorcing Woman’s Guide was a lifesaver for letting me know what I needed to know to get me through my divorce.  There are so many ‘checklists’ out there, but yours put it all in one place, which made it easier for me.”

Candy Heard

” You have no idea how much your book helped me and how much time you saved me when meeting with my attorney.  And being able to write notes in the book was the best way for me to keep all my thoughts in one place so I could refer back to them as needed.”

Heidi MacMillan

The Divorcing Woman’s Guide & Journal

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