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How To Overcome Unfairness In Divorce

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It happens to the best of us. We navigate divorce, trying our hardest to be logical and rise about the drama and pettiness of our former partners, but every once in a while, the feeling hits.
Fairness. Unfairness. The feeling like we’ve been screwed over during divorce.
You know exactly what I’m talking about. Do any of the following sound like things you have said or thought?
“It’s not fair that my (more...)

How To Make Sense Of Financial Planning After Divorce

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The reality of every divorce is that there is always less money after divorce and ending a marriage means facing that reality.
For some people it means having to manage the household finances for the first time either in a long time or sometimes, for the first time ever. It means there is no more shopping and buying things with an open credit card, with no spending limits and having a spouse who takes care of the bills.
For (more...)

How To Save Money On The Legal Costs Of Your Divorce

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Saving money on the legal costs of your divorce is something most people would love to do. Not spending money on legal advice is one way to do that but as the British would say, that’s being penny wise, pound foolish. Most people would benefit from at least some legal help even if it’s one-time consultation on a specific issue.
If you have any sort of complication such as an inheritance that’s been (more...)

What To Do About Hidden Assets In Divorce

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It is a common occurrence for warring spouses to hide assets when in the course of a contentious divorce. There are a number of ways a spouse may disguise or at least undervalue assets. One of the most common ways is to overlook or undervalue antiques, gun collections, hobby equipment, tools and artwork. Most of them come in the form of original paintings, collectible carpets or antique furnishings at the office of the spouse. There could also be unreported (more...)

Things to Know About Divorcing In Your Senior Years

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In recent years, the rate of divorces of people aged above 50 has doubled. Because of the age of people involved in a divorce, the separation is called ‘gray divorce’. Senior people heading for a divorce no longer raise eyebrows.
Here is some valuable information about late life or gray divorces:
Alimony or spousal support is always guaranteed when a long term marriage breaks up. Unlike younger divorcing couples, the lower earning spouse in a gray (more...)

How To Be Smart About Your Finances And Divorce

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Many experts will tell you that you need to approach your divorce as a business transaction and that is the best way to be smart about your finances and divorce. If you can do this, then figuring out the impact divorce will have on your finances becomes a mathematical analysis, a rational decision, but it’s rarely that simple or easy to do.
There’s almost always less money after divorce and that creates many fears, such (more...)

Saving Your Marriage

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Parenting›DivorceIf you're going through tough times, counseling may help your marriage survive and thrive. Consider these options as you look for advice.[embed:render:node:14716:right:width_200]
It's a sobering statistic that's sure to give any nervous bride or groom pause: Half of all first marriages end in divorce. Couples who have kids are particularly likely to experience rocky roads, says Mikki Meyer, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist in New York City. "Differences (more...)

Make Your Medical Wishes Known for National Healthcare Decisions Day

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Do you remember the Terry Schiavo case? Terry was a 26 year old woman who ended up in a vegetative state after suffering cardiac arrest. Her family spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees before she passed away fighting over what measures she would have wanted for herself had she known what was ahead of her.
Read below as guest contributor Steve Worrall shares how to have those “Tough Conversations” to take the pressure (more...)

How YOU Can Avoid Costly Litigation!

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This weekend, my husband and I celebrated Father’s Day with my children and grandchildren. Whether you are a dad, or you got the privilege to celebrate the day with your dad, I think most people would agree that it’s significant for children to have fathers involved in their lives, especially if mom and dad are divorced.
Sadly, the reality is that too many spouses still duke-it-out during their divorce all the while using their children (more...)

The Real Cost of Divorce

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The Real Cost of DivorceTue, 05/24/2016 - 16:43 When people think about divorce, the thought of how much it will cost sometimes follows. Depending on your situation, the monetary cost of divorce can vary greatly. In any case, ending a marriage will have a price, but that price includes more than just money. Emotional distress, energy, and time are also included in the real cost of divorce. Learn about the various aspects of the (more...)