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Hey Juror’s, so last week we told you a few things you should do prior to filing to divorce. One of those things included taking the proper legal actions necessary to assure all your assets are protected. This week we are going one step further with those legal actions in a little bit more detail. Watch the informative video below.

First it is suggested that you make any big purchase prior to filing. Many states issue financial restraints after you have filed. To avoid these problems be sure to make these purchases in a timely fashion. In making these big purchases don’t attempt to hide any assets from you soon to be ex- spouse as it is illegal.

Another piece of information you should be aware of that is quite useful is that you are able to write off any alimony on your taxes. Be sure report any alimony you receive on your taxes as well.

Be sure to be mindful of the date you file as some states use a formal date of separation to determine certain assets you are able to obtain. Be sure to craft a wise a strategic parenting plan that works for both parties. You are able to claim your child as a dependent based on any child support obligations you acquire.

Overall, we know divorces can be quite messy and long, so be sure to make this process as smooth as possible by following these steps!

Stay tuned for more Divorce Court help on an all-new season of relationship do’s and don’ts starting on September 4.




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