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Phaedra Parks’s Ex Apollo Nida Wants Pre-Nup Thrown Out

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Apollo Nida may be in jail, but he’s still running scams.
Apollo Nida and Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks are hashing out their divorce settlement, and Nida wants some of her ROHA fortune that’s not included in their prenup.
Nida and Parks married before being cast on the Bravo reality show so the prenup doesn’t include her financial gain from the show. Nida feels entitled to some of those reality (more...)

Can A Person Date While A Divorce Is Going On?

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Many couples often wonder whether they can date someone else while their divorce proceeding is still going on or not. This is quite an interesting question. As per the law, there is no reason why a person should not be able to start dating prior to the finalization of their divorce. Moreover, the person who is being dated should not feel worried that his/her name will feature in the divorce proceeding and the matter is not regarded as (more...)

5 Post-Divorce Disputes You Could Resolve With Mediation

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Guest post by John Butler
The decree is final and the divorced couple breathes a sigh of relief. They believe the issues are settled, the divorce is official and they are ready to get on with their lives. Then months or even years later, they are often taken aback to discover that new issues arise; unexpected circumstances bring new potential for conflict. Couples who initially hired attorneys and went to court during their divorce dread the cost, time and (more...)


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Okay, so my story, by Jim Shaw. I was born in Mebane, North Carolina, so I’m just a local product born and reared here, and love it here. Went to school in Chapel Hill, studied business. Somewhere along the line, I developed a love of photography, so that was my career immediately after college. But then after a while, I said, “Well, you know, I should use my business degree,” so I wound out (more...)

How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer

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Your marriage isn’t working out. You need a divorce lawyer. What you really want is the best family law attorney you can find.
Unfortunately, what you really want to do right now is close the blinds and pull the covers over your head for a while! You have your children and job to worry about. How can you even begin to think about finding a divorce attorney to help you through the process? The task seems (more...)

Choosing Between Mediation vs Litigation vs Collaborative Divorce

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Divorce is never easy, no matter how amicable it is. There are numerous assets and properties that need to be divided, not to mention custody of children and other aspects. In California, a person that files for divorce has 3 ways to proceed – mediation, litigation and a collaborative divorce. There is no universal best choice among the 3 and each method is suitable for certain circumstances.
Mediation is the process where a divorcing couple sits with an (more...)

Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation in California

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Divorce mediation is an attractive process for California couples that seek to resolve their disputes amicably without the need to have a public battle in court. However, there are still a lot of things that people do not know about divorce mediation and common misconceptions that exist about the topic.
Mediation is the best option
The whole point of an amicable settlement without the divorce going to court sounds attractive to most people, but divorce mediation is not always (more...)

Advantages Of A Mediated Divorce

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Every couple who go through a rocky relationship after their marriage prefer a divorce over everything else. But couples often end up having a bad divorce, even worse than their marriage was. Things like finances, debts, assets, properties and children are all involved, not to mention the emotional and psychological trauma.
However, couples can also go through a smooth divorce if they choose to do it amicably. Such divorces, known as mediated divorce, happens when both parties decide to (more...)

Wisconsin Allows Lawyer/Mediators to Draft and File Divorce Settlement Agreements

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Wisconsin Allows Lawyer/Mediators to Draft and File Divorce Settlement Agreements

We learned today on the excellent Family Law Prof Blog that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will permit lawyer/mediators to draft and file settlement documents in family law cases. Here’s a summary of the change in the Wisconsin Bar newsletter. In the past, couples who used a mediator had to hire separate counsel to prepare the …

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)?

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MSA stands for Marital Settlement Agreement, and is the product of divorce settlement negotiations between the spouses.   If an agreement is done right, the agreements work excellently.
Successful MSA
Ensuring a successful MSA needs a few basic steps. You must find a third party who can be trusted. This party must also know the art of facilitating a negotiation. This role frequently falls to the mediator. However, if you want to make this process productive, it is important (more...)