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The courts can’t make Tini Owens love her husband | Suzanne Moore

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She’s gone all the way to the supreme court to prove she wants out of the marriage. So why not set her free?

If you stay in a marriage 40 years before deciding to leave, you might imagine nobody could accuse you of not having at least given it a go. If you have actually moved out to escape a loveless relationship, you might imagine a divorce would be fairly easy to obtain. Indeed, in the mythology of the burgeoning right, divorce and abortion are way too easy – they are even said to be available “on demand”. And the result of all this laxity is we are suffering societal breakdown. But neither of these things is true. Women need permission from two doctors for a termination, and anyone in a marriage needs permission from the courts to leave it. If we needed reminding of just how archaic our marriage laws are then we only have to consider the lamentable case of Tini Owens.

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Seriously? This woman is a captive. Is she not allowed to leave?

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