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The Divorce School Releases 11 New Free Videos and Podcasts

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The Divorce School has just released another 11 new videos and podcasts for separated and divorced people who are seeking tips and information to help them deal with their divorce-related issues. From Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to high-net-worth divorce, from property division to dating after divorce, from children’s issues to how the divorce process works – you’ll find the information you need at Divorce School.

Sessions are only available until June 30, so time’s running out for you to sign up as a Divorce School participant. Podcasts and videos are available 24/7 during the spring semester at no cost, so you can watch or listen to your chosen sessions anywhere, anytime.

Here are 11 of the latest additions to the curriculum:

Legal Issues Pertaining to Children During and After Divorce with parenting coordinator and Family Law Group partner Nissa M. Ricafort. This session covers everything divorcing parents should keep in mind regarding their children, including: whether sole custody or joint custody is best for the family and child; how to solve child custody disputes without high emotional and financial costs; and how to create a co-parenting plan.

Property Division and Bankruptcy Issues in Florida. Focusing on Florida, Florida family lawyer Ginger L. Dugan outlines various property division and bankruptcy issues spouses may experience as they go through the divorce process. In her podcast, Dugan discusses the difference between marital property and state property; how joint debts are divided in Florida; and the effects of bankruptcy on alimony, child support, and property division.

Property Division and Alimony in High-Net-Worth Divorce Cases. John K. Grubb – a Texas-based family law attorneylooks at how business professionals can secure and protect their assets and income as well as how a non-monied spouse can ensure they’ll receive the property and support they’re entitled to. Topics include: how courts determine property division; what a spouse can do when a business is involved in a divorce; and the use of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect assets.

The Benefits of Working with a Parenting Coordinator. Vera Bergermann, managing attorney of the Bergermann Law Firm, discusses what a parenting coordinator is and how one can be useful for parents who are going through a divorce. Parents will benefit from this video by gaining a deeper understanding of the goals and objective of a parenting coordinator; what qualifies a professional to be parenting coordinator; and the types of families who would benefits from hiring a parenting coordinator.

FAQs About the Divorce Process in Florida. Ginger L. Dugan answers some of the most frequently-asked questions she receives from divorcing couples in Florida. This session will help viewers prepare for their divorce as they learn about how divorce is initiated in Florida; how long is takes to finalize a divorce; the key factors to choosing the right divorce attorney; the alternatives to going to court to get a divorce; how alimony is calculated in Florida; and many more issues that may arise throughout the divorce process.

Litigation vs. Mediation: Which Should You Choose? (Part 2). As a continuation of Part 1, Marta J. Papaa divorce attorney and mediatordiscusses what couples need to know before choosing mediation for their divorce. The qualifications couples should look for in a mediator, whether or not a mediator can work with a high-conflict couple, and if it’s possible for a mediator to stay neutral are just some of the topics Papa covers in her podcast.

“A Conversation with 2 Adult Children of Divorce.” Guest speakers Elliot Meyer and Dylan Couvrette, two young men with divorced parents, courageously share their experiences as children of divorce and the impact divorce has had on their adult lives.

“How Child Support Works.” Diana Shepherd, the editorial director and co-founder of Divorce Magazine, discusses the ins and out of child supportincluding how it’s calculated, how it’s paid, and if it’s possible for parents to set up their own agreement instead of following the Child Support Guidelines.

“Myths About Marriage and Divorce.” Mandy Walker, divorce coach and mediator, debunks some of the most common beliefs men and women have about marriage and divorce. Listeners will learn that a failed marriage does not make them failures – and that divorce doesn’t have to define who you are.

“2 Men on Relationships and Dating After Divorce.” Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s easy to make mistakes when reentering the dating world and starting a new relationship for the first time after a divorce. In this session, Certified Relationship Coach Chris Armstrong outlines the most common mistakes divorced individuals make after re-entering the dating world, and discusses how to achieve an equal and authentic long-term relationship.

“Understanding the Divorce Process and Your Options.” In this video, Diana Shepherd discusses everything you should know about the divorce process, including: the differences between litigation, arbitration, mediation, collaborative divorce, and do-it-yourself; how to file for divorce, and how soon a divorce can take place after filing; and information you need to collect for your lawyer and financial advisor.

There are many more videos and podcasts available for you to watch and listen to. Visit to sign up as a participant and receive advice from some of the top divorce professionalsincluding family lawyers, mediators, therapists, CDFAs, parenting coordinators, and coaches.


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