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Tips On How To Let People Know You Are Filing For Divorce

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It can be very painful to break the news of your divorce to your family and friends. However, you need to tell them at some point or the other. So faster you do the work, it is better for you. The toughest challenge for you will be sharing this news with your kids.
Share the news of your divorce with your family members
After you have informed your kids, you need to next confide with the remaining family members (more...)

Financial Tips for Divorced Women

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Are you a divorced woman and are a bit overwhelmed by the amount if bills appear to simply pile up? If that is so, you definitely need some kind of financial guidance. After your divorce, your standard of living changes. So, finding a proper financial assistance, paying bills and organizing are some of the prime tasks you need to embark upon.
Why divorced women need financial help
According to an estimate, about 40 percent of the divorced women have (more...)

Tips On Co-Parenting After A Divorce

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It is not easy to be a co-parent, especially after you have split from your spouse and your relationship with your former partner is strained. You may have apprehensions about the parenting abilities of your ex-spouse, worried about your child support or stressed about some issues. You could also be tired of the ongoing conflict and feel that all that animosity between you and ex-partner will never disappear.
However, when you co-parent in an amicable manner with your former (more...)

Tips To Deal With Worries During Your Divorce

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During a divorce process, there are many emotions that take place in the minds of the affected spouses. One of the major ones among them is worrying. Though worrying is not necessarily bad, how one deal with it can be a major concern? It can even become paralyzing, preventing people from getting the required work done. It can even go to the extent of draining one’s energies completely while the divorce proceeding is going on.
Here are (more...)

4 of Our Best Financial Tips When Preparing for Divorce

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During marriage, it’s normal to split up responsibilities and duties of the household.  Usually, one spouse handles the paying of bills, credit cards and bank accounts.  I know in my own household growing up, my mother handled the finances because she was more financially conscious and stuck to a tight budget.  

Divorce Tax Tips from TheStreet

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Check out this informative article from TheStreet on how to make your split less of a financial burden during tax season:

Read article from TheStreet

Smart Tips To Save Money On Your Divorce

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Most divorces today are not only excessively time-consuming, but also financially devastating for both the parties involved. From the rising costs of counseling to the exorbitant per-hour rates of legal professionals, a divorce has become one of the most expensive legal affairs in the country. A typical divorce proceeding can cost you up to several thousand dollars and leave you with a huge gaping hole in your pocket. However, by having a solid plan and using your wisdom, you (more...)

3 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Co-parenting your child along with your spouse in an amicable way can not only enhance the emotional stability of your little one but also help him/her experience the benefits of a healthy upbringing. However, it is extremely difficult for the separating parents to put aside their personal differences and conflicts and work in conjunction with each other for the sake of their child. Regardless of the ill feelings that you have for your ex, there are certain ways (more...)

Before You File For Divorce, Follow These 3 Divorce Tips

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January kicks off the divorce season so before you decide to file, here are a few tips to follow before going through with that decision.

John Slowiaczek, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggest these three steps before starting divorce proceedings.

1. Never file out of anger.
2. “Be courteous and respectful. The Key is to avoid escalation.”
3. Figure out the finances before you divorce.

Watch the above video for an explanation of these three tips.

Men’s Divorce Podcast: Co-Parenting Tips

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Men's Divorce PodcastEach month, the Cordell & Cordell Men’s Divorce Podcast features interviews with authors, politicians and other divorce professionals on issues men face during the divorce process. 

This month, we will discuss the methods for successful co-parenting to  help reduce the negative impacts of divorce on children.

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