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Tony Robbin’s Proclamation Regarding #MeToo Movement

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In a recent Esquire article, Tony Robbins, a self-help guru, made a bold suggestion that some women are using the movement as a way to take advantage of the situation. He said,

If you use the ‘MeToo’ movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else, you haven’t grown an ounce. All you’ve done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.”

Shortly after being sharply criticized from many women, Robbins issued an apology in explaining that his intention was to never place any discredit on the movement.

Robbins bespeaks a ground spell of anger that is becoming evident in a variety of men.

As women, we are responsible for the conversation regarding the #MeToo movement. Somehow, without intending, our communication has created enemies and not allies.

As women, we must ask ourselves: what is the best way of communicating? What is the best way of languaging to get the outcome we want?

This specific form of talk has been our quest via our book He’s OK, She’s OK and on our Facebook sister page Gender Honoring Differences. Check it out.

Men As Allies

In my practice, a number of men have related that they were selected to attend a diversity training course. When asked about their thoughts, here is what they reported:  

“It was awful.  The facilitator had beaten up on me and my male colleagues.  It boiled down to one accusation: It’s all your fault.

Author Joanne Lipman similarly reports: “I’ve heard this again and again.  I’ve seen self-assured, confident men curl into a defensive crouch when the subject of women – or God forbid –  the phrase ‘gender equality’ has come up.”

What’s been done has resulted in rage, male-bashing and shaming, according to many. Men are recoiling from what is the current message of diversity.

It is our mission to teach the daunting lessons of male/female communication specifics.  These insights when practiced will furnish delight and positive powerful communication between men and women.  

Stay with us in the “HOW” for more info.


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