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Tyrese Gibson Melts Down On Social Media Over Custody Battle

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Tyrese Gibson Despondent Over Custody Battle
Actor Tyrese Gibson is having a meltdown on Facebook and Instagram over his ongoing custody battle for his 10-year-old daughter and he’s blaming Dwayne Johnson for his money problems.

The Fast & Furious actor has been relentless against his attacks on Dwayne Johnson over the last few weeks over Universal Pictures’ decision to launch a Fast and Furious spin-off starring the Rock which will delay the next movie in the franchise until 2020.  This week Tyrese revealed his animosity towards his co-star stems from his mounting legal fees over the custody case and $13,000 a month child support. The man needs to get paid and apparently he relies on that Fast & Furious paycheck.

Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma has accused the actor and singer of physically abusing their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. On September 14, a restraining order was issued preventing Gibson from visiting with his daughter.

On Wednesday, Gibson took to Facebook after a court hearing and it must not have gone his way since he broke down in an emotional plea to his ex-wife and anybody who would listen.  He called out his rich friends for abandoning him in his time of (monetary) need. He begged “please don’t take my baby,” and put the blame on his ex for not having any work. “No one will hire me Norma,” he cried into the camera.

On Instagram, the 38-year-old continued to vent and write love letters/posts to #MyShaylaRocks and sporting a sweatshirt with the hashtag. In his last video post,  he assured everyone he’s fine and sane. He changed his number due to the number of concerned calls from friends and associates counseling him to stop the madness on social media, but he’s defiant in that he’s doing nothing wrong and innocent of the charges of child abuse.

Since Gibson is playing out his personal problems online, stay tune for more drama.

Ladies are our Queens of the Earth….. This is not about Men vs Women…. This is about Men and FATHERS vs LIARS I️ love you…… But like you who always show UP and stand UP for each-other I’m just trying to be a Voice for the unspoken…… The silent protest…… For fully committed and evolved father…… Rather Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, Italian, Dominican or Puerto etc……. rather you have 2 dollars to your name, millionaire, lawyer or the president in the end we all have one thing in common….. None of us as fathers or grandfathers wanna go home and NOT see or have “access” to our angels….. boys make babies real MEN and FATHERS will do whatever it takes to RAISE our angels……………….. I️ know I️ know…. this all looks a way….. Just know this.. God is really really UP to something and I️ have already accepted what God has told me to do…………..

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