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What to do When Divorcing Your Spouse AND the House

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If you’re getting divorced, then you should pay extra special attention to the real estate matters of your divorce.  There are many complexities when it comes to divorce and real estate and the potential for problems can be many.  Having professionals who understand these complexities and can work as a team to make things flow easier for you in the process of your divorce, can be priceless.

“Home should be an anchor, a port in a storm, a refuge,
a happy place in which to dwell,
a place where we are loved and where we can love.” 
~ Marvin J. Ashton

Be Objective not Emotional

This decision of what to do with the family home can be very emotional, and that is exactly why you should have objective advice, because this is a time when you will have many decisions to make and you may not be thinking clearly or sensibly.  How to divide the family home and other properties should be assessed among all the other assets wisely.  Though it’s just one piece of your marital puzzle, it’s a big one.

“Home staging used to be optional. 
Today, it’s a necessity in selling a house.”
~ Barbara Corcoran

Be Financially Sound

Whether you start your new single life in the home you bought with your ex, or you decide to start fresh somewhere else, the decision should be made with the confidence and clarity that it is a financially sound one.  Having information and affirmation of your choices by experts in the matters of real estate, made in advance of signing off on your divorce (such as whether to sell or re-fi, and whether or not one of you can qualify to do that), can make your life a whole lot easier, and less costly, on the other side.

“If it’s only about money we are hopeless. 
If it’s about people we are hopeful.”
~ Max Lagacé

This month’s Expert Articles share great advice and shed light on things you may not be aware of, so I encourage you to read and reach out to them and all the other caring divorce professionals waiting to help you at  

Get the best outcome when you divorce your spouse, and your house.  Don’t do this alone, help awaits you.

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