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When’s The Right Time to Take Your Wedding Rings Off?

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taking off your wedding rings | divorce support | Since My DivorceThe first thing to understand about removing your wedding rings during a divorce or separation is that there is no right time.

What feels right is going to feel wrong to someone else. As you’ll learn through the divorce process, you have to decide what’s right for you. That said, everyone going through this emotional time will handle the wedding rings question differently.

Is there a “right” time to remove your wedding rings during a divorce? Is there a reason to keep wearing the rings?

Before A Formal Decision

When you know your marriage is in trouble but you aren’t psychologically prepared to go through a divorce, you may subconsciously find yourself removing your rings. For instance, the prongs on my engagement ring broke and I put the ring away for years. I finally got it re-set when I was talking to my therapist about ending my marriage.

When The Decision Is Made But Not Public

You may decide to keep wearing your rings if you or your spouse has asked for the divorce but you’re not ready to announce it. Maybe you haven’t told your children yet and you would like for your household to appear normal. Another challenge is being prepared to handle the questions from extended family and friends, maybe before you’re ready.

Removing The Wedding Rings Before Your Spouse

If you know your marriage is over but you haven’t said the words “divorce” yet, you may choose to remove your rings even before your spouse removes theirs. Removing them may be a quietly symbolic way of asking for a divorce but you will need to prepare to have the conversation.selling your wedding rings | Since My Divorce | divorce support

Wearing The Wedding Rings Throughout The Divorce

If you do not want the marriage to end, you may continue to wear the ring even during the process of divorcing your partner. Perhaps mediation is an option and you would like to let your spouse know that you’re not willing to walk away, just yet.

How To Decide When to Remove the Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol of the promises made to each other and taking them off is a symbolic acceptance of the end of the relationship. You may continue wearing them if you are unsure about whether you want the relationship to end. If you are not ready to face questions or sympathy from others, you may continue wearing them. Being afraid of dating, you may continue to wear them to avoid appearing single.

When faced with an ex who isn’t wearing their ring, you may decide to remove yours also. You may remove your wedding rings as a way to regain control over your life and your feelings. You may wear them until you finally decide that they no longer feel true.

Your reasons for wearing or removing the rings are yours alone.

Remember This – The Rings Are Gifts

Wedding rings are considered gifts and you are not obligated to return them to the giver. In fact, you have options for selling your rings when you’re ready or would like to have extra cash for yourself or your family. is an easy option for getting the best price for your rings. Their experts will value your rings and help you through the process. Only you can decide when you’re ready to remove your wedding rings but when you are, make sure you get back what they’re worth.

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