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Will Smith Retires From Making Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Happy

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and Will is sharing the key to any relationship.

As celebrity couples are divorcing in droves, Will took to social media to pose the question on relationships. Since joining Instagram, Will has been dropping some truth bombs and inspirational video messages to his followers. His positive outlook on many subjects have been a welcome relief from the onslaught of celebrities promoting their projects and good looks on social media.

With 20 years of marriage under his belt, he shared his view on why relationships don’t work. His conclusion is that a couple is not responsible for each other’s happiness. “You cannot make someone happy,” he said in a video confession.

He admits  he was always focused on making his wife happy, but that eventually wore thin.

“I retire. I retire from trying to make you happy. I need you to go make yourself happy and just prove to me that’s even possible.”

Will thinks the misconception that one person is responsible for another’s happiness comes from a false narrative.

“We came into this false romantic concept that somehow when we got married, that we would become one,” says Will. “And what we realized is that we were two completely separate people on two completely separate, individual journeys.” He continued, “And that we were choosing to walk our separate journey’s together.  Her happiness was her responsibility and my happiness was my responsibility.”

Only when two people are secure with themselves is when a relationship can work, according to Uncle Will.

Sounds like some good advice we can all live by regardless if we’re in a relationship or not.


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