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Worthy’s Single Mom Holiday Gift Guide

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If you’re like me, you still have gift shopping to do so I wanted to share this Gift Guide for single mom’s from I love the ideas in this guide … of course, I’m a little biased because Worthy asked me for my suggestions. In addition to my suggestions, there are wonderful recommendations from Emma Johnson, founder of WealthySingleMommy, Vikki Zieglar, star  of Bravo TV’s “Untying The Knot” and Stacey Freeman, Worthy’s Lifestyle Editor.

I was limited to my top three suggestions and I do have a couple of other biased suggestions …

1-is-divorce-the-answerFor the not-yet single mom, someone who is struggling with a troubled marriage and trying to evaluate their options, there’s my FREE course, Is Divorce The Answer? It is completely free, no obligation – all that’s needed to sign up is an email address and I strongly recommend that this be one that the spouse does not have access to. You probably can’t sign up for a friend since they will need to confirm their email but you can share this information with them. This is a very practical way of offering support and helping them come to their own decision.



And for the person, who knows their marriage is over and is looking for affordable guidance on the next steps, there’s my online, self-paced divorce coaching program, My Divorce Pal. On one level, this is a very practical gift – it’s going to help someone through the process of going from ‘we to me’ using the very same steps that I use with my coaching clients. On a whole other level, this is the gift that helps your friend transform their life.


If you’re worried about paying for Holiday gifts, maybe it’s time for you to consider selling your wedding jewelry? are the experts here – it a safe, easy, private and convenient process. Check out this post for tips on deciding to sell your engagement ring.

What are your gift suggestions for the single moms on your list?

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