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You Can Mend Your Broken Heart πŸ’” βž‘οΈπŸ’–

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Recovery is often associated with overcoming addiction.  However, for those dealing with divorce, recovery is their reality as well.  So, if you’re dealing with the emotional turmoil of divorce, rather than focus only on what is being lost, try to anticipate positive things that may be gained.

This month we focus on divorce, not as an end, but as a beginning.  The beginning of a new life, perhaps even a new you.  If you have children, divorce is the beginning of a new family.  Maybe you are even beginning a new relationship.

“Don’t let the past steal your present.”
~ Terri Guillemets

Maybe you just can’t shake the feeling that your life before divorce was as good as it was ever going to be.  Never forget, that you are always in charge of your thoughts, which have a good deal to do with living out your destiny.  And, if the worst happens and we hit the bottom, just remember, there’s nowhere to go but up!  In other words, it can get better.  And, you have more control than you think!

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” 
~ JK Rowling

If you are intimidated by the prospect of divorce, feeling overwhelmed in the middle of the process or even struggling with post-divorce issues and anxiety, you are not alone.  This month our experts will help with ideas and strategies for embracing this new chapter of your life. 

“Even in the midst of devastation, something within us
always points the way to freedom.” ~ Sharon Salzberg

You are strong.  You will recover.  This is just the beginning of whatever future you decide you want.  We wish you the very best as you discover the new and improved YOU!

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