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Your Wedding Ring Could Take You On A Summer Vacation

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vacation after divorce | divorce coaching } since My DivorceRemember the saying about spending two months salary on an engagement ring? You can thank a 1930’s marketing campaign by the jeweler De Beers for putting the guilt trip on customers trying to impress their future bride.

In actuality, the average size of an engagement ring in the US is a 1-carat diamond and today that would cost about $5,500. After your divorce, you may be wishing you had that amount in cash – or at least two months salary! Have you considered getting your ring valued to see what it’s worth?

Just think about it for a moment…. if you did sell your wedding ring, what summer vacation would you take?

Camp In The Great Outdoors

Have you ever wanted to explore the national parks of America? Perhaps your state has a well-maintained state park system, hidden swim holes or mountains to be hiked?

If you sell your wedding ring, you may be able to purchase camping gear to take you and your kids exploring – tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, hiking shoes!

Consider the valuable experience you’d be learning and teaching your children:

  • How to appreciate nature and get away from technology
  • Basic survival skills
  • Seeing animals in their natural habitat
  • Spending quality time together away from distraction

Visit Another City

The value of your wedding ring may be enough to purchase air and hotel in a new city. You could see the beaches and the world famous zoo in San Diego. Tour the Smithsonian museums and national monuments in Washington, D.C. Take your time walking through the larger-than-life aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Touring other U.S. cities takes you away from your everyday life so you can be present with those around you. Being a tourist in a new place means opening yourself up to new experiences, meeting new people and learning about science or history in a new way.

Take A Long Break

If your ring really is worth two months salary, you can take that time for a longer break. Consider taking a month off of work to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain or take an Italian pilgrimage such as the one we learned about with Chandi in a previous Since my Divorce interview.

Consider your own divorce quest like Elizabeth Gilbert’s in Eat, Pray, Love or Cheryl Strayed in Wild when she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. You may have a memoir in you that’s aching to be explored or written. Selling your ring could afford you that time.

You deserve it. Think about it. Get your wedding ring valued and start planning your summer vacation trip.


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